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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Giftomat all about?

Using Giftomat you can create gift registries for holidays, birthdays, weddings or any event where you want to avoid the problem of getting duplicate gifts. After signing up, you can create registries and fill them up with the gifts that you want. Then you can share the registries with your friends and family who can see what gifts you want and mark off which gifts they have purchased for you. Which gifts have been purchased can then be seen by everyone but you (we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!).

2. How much does Giftomat cost?

Giftomat is completely free!

3. What makes Giftomat different from other gift registry sites?

Other online registries force you to choose specific gifts from a small set of online stores. Giftomat, however, is completely free-form and allows you to add any gift or concept. For example, you can add non-specific gifts like "Winter Jacket" and just leave it up to your friends to pick one out for you. Or, alternatively, you can pick a specific gift at an online store and give a URL (link) directly to that product to make sure you get the exact item you want. It's totally up to you.

Giftomat also has these other unique features:

  • You can import your Wishlist, which is a great way to start your new registry
  • You can have multiple wishlists for multiple occasions
  • You can bookmark other people's registries and they show up on your home page for easy access

4. How do I view someone else's registry?

Registries are invite only. The person who owns the registry needs to go to their registry and click on the link that says "Share Registry With Others" and enter in your email address. Then you will receieve an email with a link to their registry. When you follow the link and view their registry, you will be able to bookmark it for later viewing if you click on the "Bookmark This Registry" link. The bookmark will then appear on your home page, which is the first page you see when you first login.

5. How do I share my registry with other people?

Go to the registry listing and click on the link that says "Share Registry With Others" and enter the email addresses of the people you would like to share your registry with.

6. Why do I need an account to see someone else's registry?

We require that eveyone has an account, whether you are creating your own registry, or just looking at or marking gifts as purchased on someone else's registry. This is done for the sake of security. If we didn't require that everyone had an account, then we wouldn't be able to prevent abuse of the system (e.g. someone going and marking all of your gifts as purchased).

Don't worry about signing up for an account, we have an explicit privacy policy which states that we will not sell your name or any of your personal information to anyone and we won't send you any email you didn't specifically ask for.